Non Profits

Committed. Innovative. Effective. Compassionate.

Words the CoHo Team uses to describe the organizations we support through donations and volunteer hours.

The CoHo Team of Windermere Agents supports nonprofit agencies that serve our local and global communities by providing housing solutions and community development. We offer help to these groups in the form of monetary donations, partnership on service projects and direct volunteerism by our CoHo Team members. We also want to be connected with the nonprofits our buyers and sellers support, and we do everything we can to connect our clients with our favorite nonprofits. We’re proud of the work local nonprofits undertake to make our communities stronger and more connected and just for all. Check them out via the links below to learn more about their missions and actions.

Great organizations. Powered by dedicated people. Accomplishing vital tasks.

The CoHo Team is proud to have supported the following 501(c)(3) organizations.