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Persistent. Informed. Supportive. Upbeat.

Words that home sellers use to describe their CoHo Team agents and experiences.

Selling your home can be an intense process, and the CoHo Team of Windermere Agents brings its commitment to service to the task. Understanding the human side of the selling equation and always looking out for your best interests are the hallmarks of what we do. Knowing the ins and outs of the current market in your neighborhood is essential, and CoHo Team agents are there to provide you with the best market data available to aid your decision-making process. We are by your side to help you prep your home for the market, guiding you every step of the way, and we are there to hold your hand if you need it. Contact a CoHo Agent to get started today!

What we do and how we do it:

Listen to your wants and needs, and help you sell your home in a way that fits you, your dreams and your financial plans.

Understand your needs.

CoHo agents take the time—often long before putting your house on the market—to get to know you, your home and your personal needs. We get a feel for your existing knowledge of the market and selling process. We clear up questions or concerns you may have, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence. Most importantly, we provide support to help you make the selling decisions that are best for you.

Educate you on the selling process and local market.

Keep you in the know.

CoHo agents will keep you in the know from start to finish. One of our first steps is to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home. This report takes a close look at recent sales of similar homes in your immediate neighborhood, while examining the local and city-level statistics that inform market trends. We make sure you know what to expect when you list and sell your home, and we keep you informed as market conditions change.

Do more, so you can maximize your return and sell as quickly as possible.

Value your bottom line.

Strategy and preparation are the foundations of a successful sale. Before bringing your home on the market, CoHo agents make a room-by-room assessment of the condition of your home from the perspective of a potential buyer and his or her agent. We will propose a plan of action, while considering your budget, to help your home make the best first impression. We will point you toward skilled professionals to help with the work as needed, and we'll be your eyes and ears on the progress if your schedule gets tight. Let us advise you on your preparations so that the right projects get done the right way and in time to make the biggest impact.

Market your home so it gets the best offer.

Make your home stand out!

Every home has a story, and we are passionate about telling it. We use our experience, creativity and energy to get the most likely buyers into your property. The process starts with customized advice on how to present your home in its best possible light, followed by professional photography and tailored marketing pieces. We strive to make sure your home appears and is presented persuasively on the many websites that buyers and their agents search. The most likely buyers will be brought into your home by a real estate agent or at the urging of a friend or neighbor. Through open houses, agent tours, networking and clear communication, we make sure agents and other potential advocates have easy access and an opportunity to learn what makes your home uniquely desirable.

Represent you and your best interests during the negotiation process.

Advocate throughout the process.

From screening the buyer's lender to handing the keys over to the new buyer, CoHo agents are watching each step to avoid pitfalls that can delay or thwart the sale of your home. As seasoned negotiators, we plan each negotiation to give you the best chance at achieving your goals. Our priority is to work to protect your interests throughout the process. We want you to make it to closing day with a combination of the most money and least stress possible.

Stay in touch throughout the entire process and as a life-long resource.

Build strong relationships.

Whether your home is still on the market or under contract with a buyer, CoHo agents are in contact with you frequently, just to touch base or to share a significant update. While your home is on the market, our weekly reports let you know who's been to your house, what homes have surfaced as new competition, and whether other homes are selling. We watch market trends on local and citywide levels to evaluate when the time is right to make strategic moves. After the sale of your home, we stay in touch as your future changes and unfolds, so that we can be a resource when you need it.